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Adventure! (The Day We Almost Didn’t Ride Horsies)

After a lot of traveling yesterday, which can largely be summarized by this legitimately not-staged picture I took at a gas station: 

Eventually, we arrived at our hotel.

Like I mentioned, we’re staying in a fancy villa we could never afford if Fiance’s mother hadn’t been super awesome and given us a bunch of Disney points that were about to expire. It looks something like this:

It even has a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub inside a shower that has two shower heads. It’s like a magic little room of cleanliness.

Then Male Roommate proposed to me, and it was super sweet, and we cried at each other, and I said yes. Then I told him I was done feeling feelings, because there were too many of them. Then, he leaned in and whispered, “Hey, it’s only the beginning,” and we cried more, and then I yelled at him for making me feel more feelings.

After an evening of wandering around Downtown Disney, we fell asleep and awoke to the elephant footfalls of a stampeding toddler. And thus began our first full day at the resort.

Me and the girls had a horseback riding reservation that day at 11. I had this whole Disney public transport route planned out that required us to leave at 9:30, but then Male Roommate and Best Friend decided to go grocery shopping. Fashion Friend and I were like, “You’re not going to have time to do that.” But they were determined, so they went out to buy food to cook in our kitchenette while Fashion Friend and I walked down to wait on the first bus. Then, we waited on the second bus. Then, we waited on the Ferry. I was really starting to worry about missing the reservation, when finally, we spotted this boat in the distance.

It was not our boat. At this point it was 12 minutes till 11 and I was sure I was about to be charged for a trail ride I wouldn’t get to take. Luckily, I was able to call and change my reservation for a later time. After the right boat came in and we caught one last bus, we finally arrived and met up with Best Friend, who had been waiting since 10:59.

“Hey,” she said. “I forgot sunscreen. Want to run back by the room? It’s like an eight minute drive”

And then I cried forever. And by forever I mean until there were horsies.

After a trip to Downtown Disney…

…a lovely dinner of salmon and polenta courtesy of amazing Fiancé…


…and a fight with the DVD player in our room, we watched “Something Wicked This Way Comes” on a laptop and called it a night.

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