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Life Changes and a New Story

Hello, Internet. Long time no see. It’s been a long time since we talked, so here’s what’s changed in my life:

  1. Female Roommate and Guy Who Lives in the Garage got married. Like, for real reals.
  2. I have short hair now.
  3. I drive a Mini Cooper.

Assume the light streaming in from the top of the photo is symbolic of the joy of matrimony or some artsy bullshit like that. That way this picture is a three-fer.

But wait… There’s more! On a lark, I checked up on Fantasy Scroll Mag today. They’d accepted one of my pieces, a short story called “Minor Disasters,” a while ago, but I hadn’t heard anything clear about a publication date. Turns out the publication date was this August! So… It’s a couple months late, but let’s celebrate! Go read it! Rate it! Comment on it! Share it! Do all that social media mumbo jumbo! If you like it, buy a copy and support a magazine that gives authors like me a chance to share their fucked up stories with the world!

The critics are raving already:

“You’re a creeper, Elise. Jesus.” – Female Roommate

“I tried to give you five stars, but I can’t figure out how. It’s at 4.5 stars right now, so someone gave you four stars. I hope it wasn’t me.” – Male Roommate

“Is that a unicorn doing a table flip?” – Guy Who Lives in the Garage


“You’re back!” – Tiny Roommate

“Abwa!” – Tinier Roommate

Don’t miss it.

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